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Classics Net Radio

Europes No1 online "Real" Oldies station, Broadcasting to the world from Madrid and Marbella in Spain. Born around the 50s  , a child of the 60s, then this is the station for you, Memories are made of  "Hits" 

Music makes memories and memories are made of hits, The great tunes you grew up to are all here on Classics Net  Radio , CNR-Online. 24 hours a day 7 days a week you'll find every hit song you remember , maybe your parents played them to you as a  kid or you remeber from the School dance, the first Kiss , the first date, the first job all those memories come flooding back with each tune. We carefully select our playlists and offer a great all round selection along with specialist shows remembering some great events or specific music genders.... 

 Mission statement ...To produce, host and offer free radio, music, news  and audio online content for communities , groups and individuals with a specific objective,  genre,  profile or content .

We welcome content contributors from both amateur and professional sources. If you are interested in hosting a specific genre station or platform please join us. C.N.R. Online

Making  the world of Audio broadcasting open to all, Amateur or professional,  irrespective of the commercial viability of the platform .... CNR Online Community Net Radio from City Media Classics Net Radio  60s and 70s genre On line now .80s and 90s genre, coming soon , 00s coming soon ,Community News Radio ,City Net Radio , City News Radio. 

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